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Old haunts with a new claim to fame
phoenix, u of c
mia_mcdavid and I left Windycon about 10:30 on Sunday morning and drove into the city. I was pleased to find that I can still navigate the Spaghetti Bowl on the near south side.

Our destination was the neighborhood of Hyde Park, where I grew up and where we met back in 1976, when mia_mcdavid was a grad student at the University of Chicago. We went to a late (and good) breakfast at the Medici, of which my memories go back to the late '60's. The servers were wearing T-shirts with the restaurant's logon on the front. On the back was


They were selling these T-Shirts and mia_mcdavid bought one for me.

After lunch we went to the main branch of the Seminary Coop Bookstore. I have been a member for something like 30 years. For me this bookstore is the most fun to explore that I have ever found. It is in a windowless basement with long passages and many alcoves branching off from them. If Tolkien's dwarves had a library in Moria it would have looked something like this.

There is another branch a few blocks away on 57st Street. This one is also in a basement, but it has some windows in front. We walked by it and I noticed one of the windows had a sign announcing that Barack Obama is one of their members.

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Is that the mess that is just north/west of Comiskey? *shudder*

Pooh! It's nothing if you're from there! :)

I'm actually thinking of where the Stevenson joins the Ryan a little south of there, but it all feeds into the Circle...

...but I guess if I can survive the tangled skein that is Chicago, I can drive just about anywhere.

Yes. It has its own dubious claim to fame, or rather infamy.

Don't tease. WHAT DID YOU BUY?

Just a couple cheap Russian books. I did take notes on several on several more expensive books. I may order them from the coop if finances permit and I can find good reviews.

Obama eats here

I may get back to Hyde Park around Thanksgiving, and I'll definitely need one of those t-shirts! Did you hear that the young Obamas were Labbies? I wonder if they will have t-shirts for that too. I can almost, but not quite, imagine the UC Law School having "Obama taught here" t-shirts. I'm sure that a University that likes to collect Nobel-ists will not let the Presidential collection go unnoticed.

In a strange quirk of fate, there has just recently been a hubbub over re-naming the Business School as the Milton Freedman School. I can't quite imagine a more unlikely pairing of celebrities...

It's an area I enjoy visiting, but (blizzards and all) Duluth is easier and more pleasant to deal with in one's 50s.

Peace, Sister Edith

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