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Plane speaking about Montgomery Wards
plane, old tools, woodwork, galoot
I bought a jack plane at a local garage sale for $5. It was quite rusty, but the rust seemed to be all on the surface. A day in a vinegar batch, followed by a wire brush and then some WD-40 and steel wool proved this to be the case: It cleaned up quite nicely:

The brand name is "Powr-Kraft". I had never heard of this, but it turns out to have been the house label for tools sold by the late great Montgomery Wards, like Craftsman for Sears. I worked for Wards briefly c. 1980.

It is a copy of the Stanley #5:

The only difference is a bigger mouth:

This could be a problem. Unlike wooden planes there is no practical way to close that up. However, a larger mouth is often OK, or even desirable, on a jack plane. I am curious about how Wards, or the company they contracted with, made the decision to vary there from the Stanley design they otherwise followed closely.

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