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It worked. The most complicated and highest risk computer task I have ever been responsible for. It went off almost exactly as planned. We really seem to have thought of everything. One minor glitch afterwards, but I quickly diagnosed the problem, and the right person was on hand to take care of it. I had great support from the Server Support staff on the SAN and and Active Directory issues, and from the Network engineer for DNS and VPN changes. One of my fellow DBA's, who works with many of the systems using this server, took a lot of time last week to help me through the various special things that make this system more complicated than the others I have done. But ultimately this project was mine.

I have been worried sick about this task for weeks. It had been haunting me day and night. This was very visible. Among the areas affected are the Sheriff's Office, the Jail, the County Attorney, and the system for processing traffic violations. I have dealt with many difficult users over the years, but this time I had some who carry nightsticks and guns :-)>

(After writing the above I had to check my work e-mail once more to be sure things were OK--They were)

I suppose I should feel elated, but in fact I am quite numb. I may be more rational about this tomorrow.
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