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Irish Class--Monday Night. September 24, 2007

Irish Class, September 24, 2007

Notes from Nick's Class, Sept. 24, 2007.

An t-Ábhar "theme": Do teach "your house" (and neighborhood). Will be theme for this class and next.

Listening and Spelling exercise -- The answers--not my feeble attempts.

seomra suiteliving room
tolg m1sofa
cathaoir fchair
seomra folchtawashroom, bathroom
seomra biadining room

Other vocabulary and phrases
Cén seomra is fearr leat?What is your favorite room?
praiseachfmess, porridge, kale
tráta p. trátaím4tomato
planda p. plandaím4plant
bláth p. ~annam3blossom, flower
níos airdehigher
bád p. báidm1boat

Counting things (specified type)
1(aon) bhád amháin
2dhá bhád
3trí bhádtrí báid
4ceithre bhádceithre báid
5cúig bhádcúig báid
6sé bhádsé báid
7seacht mbádseacht mbáid
8ocht mbádocht mbáid
9naoi mbádnaoi mbáid
10deich mbáddeich mbáid
11aon bhád déag?
12dhá bhád déag?
13trí bhád déag?
14ceithre bhád déag?
15cúig bhád déag?
16sé bhád déag?
17seacht mbád déag?
18ocht mbád déag?
19naoi mbád déag?

Note that you always use the singular for two! Nick strongly advises using the forms in the first Irish column.

Counting things (unspecified type)
1(aon) cheann amháin
2dhá cheann
3trí cinn
4ceithre cinn
5cuig cinn
6sé cinn
7seacht gcinn
8ocht gcinn
9naoi gcinn
10deich gcinn
11aon cheann déag
12dhá cheann déag
13trí cinn déag
14ceithre cinn déag
15cúig cinn déag
16sé cinn déag
17seacht gcinn déag
18ocht gcinn déag
19naoi gcinn déag

Note that the plurals above báid, cinn are not lenited. Also cinn is a special plural of ceann for counting. The usual plural (see Foclóir Póca) is ceanna. Apparently there are a few other nouns like this, see McGonagle, p.60 (in my copy which does not have the same cover as Amazon's).

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