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Irish Class last night -- October 15, 2007

Irish Class, October 15, 2007

A small class, one student was out sick and two others were out because they had just come home from the workshop in Madison.

Vocabulary and Grammar notes.

Notes for scéal--Not actually part of class
adhmadóireacht woodwork
traidisiúnta traditional
gan without
leitreachas electricity
champail mé I camped
feis stair history festival

Copula usage: Is [general noun/class of people, things...] [é|í]. Question form of verb is An. Answer 'sea no ("or") ni hea. We followed this by an exercise where Nick showed a series of pictures and we described them using the copula.

Vocabulary from pictures
cow f plural is ba
saibhir rich
taistealaí traveller m4
An Aifric Theas South Africa
bándearg pink
barrúil funny
cineál kind, sort, variety, class m1
peil football (soccer)
lánúin married couple f
tolg couch m1
bocht poor
cailleach old woman, hag, crone f2
aosta aged, old
beag little, small, few
i do thuairim/i bhu dtuairim in your opinion sing./pl.
tionsclaíoch industrial
cathair city f, gs cathracha, pl. cathracha
bliana o shin years ago
ciúin calm, still

We then looked at Paróiste idir dhá abhainn again. This may still be under copyright, so I am not going to reproduce the whole thing here.

Vocabulary and Phrases
labhair speak
Nuair a labhrann muid faoi When we speak about
is é atá gceist that is in question
suite seated
cósta coast
cuan bay (as in Galway Bay)

Thart ar scór bliain ó shin About/around 20 years ago
ceann tuí traidisiúnta traditional thatched roof
seachas besides, except for
corr- (prefix) odd, unusual
teach pl. tithe house
feirm farm
dhá stór two story [house, building]
ceann slinne slate roof
nach mór almost
atá anois ann that are there now

athraithe changing
le cúig bliana is fiche anuas in the past 25 years
maidir lé gnó as regards business
príomh- primary
trí through
reáchtáilear are run, are operated
cúntóirí assistants
comhartaí signs
nuachtán newspaper m1
iris journal, magazine f2
le fáil iontu to be had/found in either
Mar sin because of that, therefore
fíorláidir truly strong
i measc in the middle of
lucht gnó business people

fostaíocht employment
sna háitenna in places
thuaslaite aforementioned
ar ndóigh of course
monarcha pl. monarchana factory
eastát estate m1, in this context "industrial park"
trácht ?
taistil pres. taistealaíonn travel
amach out
Bíonn sé deaclair It is difficult
staid na Gaeilge state of Irish
taobh istigh outside of
a mheas estimate
Athraíonn sí It varies
Braitheann sí ar it depends on
dearcadh view, perspective m1
bainistíochta managers ? FP has "thriftiness"
ar líon level
D'fhéadfadh Could
saoiste pl. saoistí foreman m4
amhras worry, doubt, suspicion m1
uair pl. uaireanta hour, time, season f2 uaireanta sometimes[?']
cá mbeadh na daoine? where would the people be?

We finished by playing a game of "Go Fish" as Gaeilge. I had forgotten how to play it in English, if I ever knew, but quickly got into it.

Playing Cards
an bhanríon the queen
an cuireata the knave, the jackm4
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