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"Six Days shalt thou labor, as much as thou art able...."

"The Seventh the same, and clean out the stable."

Well, actually the back part of the garage, which we call the "Rumpus Room." It serves as a pantry, my shop, a winter plant room for mia_mcdavid, additional space for bookshelves, and general storage. Following up on this post from yesterday I did some cleanup last night, and more today. I already have most of the space for my lathe cleared, and I hope to make more progress tomorrow.

As for "Labor", I got a call from the Data Center a little after 9:30 AM, asking me to look into a problem with one of the database servers. I was able to clear it up and get the system working again by 10 AM, although I need to spend some time next week looking at the system logs and dumps to try to find out what actually happened. The logs revealed that the problem actually began about 3:30AM, so I am lucky that it did not get any human attention until after 9. By the the time they called me I had had a good night's sleep and my first morning cup of coffee.

We also went to the Farmers' Market in the morning, and went to visit Tom in the afternoon. With nice sunny weather (quite rare in recent weeks) we drove down to Northfield and went for a walk around the Carleton campus. The fall color was quite striking as we drove south--we actually had sunlight to see it by. Tom seemed quite pleased by the whole trip.
Tags: autism, carleton, computers, house, tom, weather, woodwork, work
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