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The Shrinking Pool

colgaffneyis Staff elections are tomorrow. Two senior positions are open. We have no candidates for one of them and only one for the other--and she will only be able to serve less than half of the two year term of office. She has given Clann extraordinary service for several seasons, but will be leaving the area for grad school next summer or fall.

That same member also serves as our Contract Representative--the person who gets our gigs--and will have to be replaced in that capacity. The only member who has shown any willingness to take over that position is already very busy with other Clann responsibilities.

Next February we have elections for the Board of Directors. Our President has served three consecutive terms and is not running again. She also has grad school plans which will severely limit her future involvement in any capacity. Nobody is running to replace her. Fortunately, our Treasurer has agreed to serve another term.

The problem is that the senior positions in our organization are all filled by a small number of the members, and that number is shrinking. Nobody is stepping forward to replace them. I don't think either Board or Staff is trying to exclude people. In fact, we are all burning out and would welcome help.

If we do not find somebody new....I think we will make it through the 2008 season. The Chief of Staff will take on a lot of the Head Camp Follower responsibilities, at some cost to her personal and family life. Without a Captain the late season shows will be rather light on the military side, although demos of civilian life will flourish. With Board and Staff understaffed and overworked mistakes will be made. Some things will fall through the cracks.

After that....The Chief of Staff's term ends in November 2008. The Captain will have left town. So there will be nobody to organize events. The next round of Board Elections will occur the following February. Four positions will be open. None of the incumbents are stupid, so they may be reluctant to serve again under those circumstances. And that will be the end of colgaffneyis.

I hope I am wrong. Maybe we will have more candidates for senior Staff appear tomorrow. But I am not seeing any sign of them.
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