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"Black Friday"

Once again I made it through "Black Friday" without spending any money. mia_mcdavid and I slept in. I was awake briefly at 5:15AM, realized there were people actually shopping at that hour, and went back to bed with a smile. After getting up (about 9:30) we worked on some of our projects, then delivered some boxes to a friend in Minneapolis who will be moving soon. We did go to the fabric warehouse in the NW suburbs, but found out on arrival that our discount coupon had expired for the stuff we really wanted. That took all the fun out of it, so we went home.

There I helped Mia straighten out some thread on her loom, then did some woodwork. I am currently working on a Shaker-style step stool. It seems to be coming along quite well. I did not have the right wood in all the widths I needed, so I ended up ripping several pieces with a handsaw. That was a noticeable bit of exercise. If we don't use the stool elsewhere, I can keep it in the shop.

A friend came over to talk about fabric and other things with Mia. I ended up cooking dinner for all of us--a pasta dish with (of course) left over turkey. Earlier in the day we had heard this song on the radio and it was stuck in my head as I prepared the meal. Fortunately, there was no discernible effect :-)> Mia and her friend K took care of the dishes after dinner, while I did a little more woodwork and looked up a couple things for my Irish Class.
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