January 19th, 2007

Glenn Mia 1

Cutting back

We skipped colgaffneyis Night at the Pub this evening. Too many events. Tomorrow we are going to a wedding in the afternoon. However, we are going to skip the festivities afterwards. It is James's birthday, and we are taking him and his friend out to dinner. It won't be quite as lively as the wedding crowd, but it will be fine. mia_mcdavid, good food, and some wine are more than enough to make a party for me.

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minicon ddb

Earning my Pay

I just got off the phone, and off my employer's computer system. After relaxing until 10 PM the phone rang. I found myself talking to one of my fellow employees, and at least two consultants from IBM. It sounded like the IBM folks were from North America, but these days they could be anywhere on the planet.

What is odd is that this was not a case of some 24x7 computer system that had crashed and must be fixed now. This system is still under development. Those other guys must be really feeling the heat to be working on it at 10:30PM on Friday.

I did my part, taking care of some database stuff they needed. I forwarded some log files to the others. I think I can go to bed now. Don't know how late the rest of them will be working.