January 25th, 2007


A lot going on

Busy days at work. Everybody seems to want me to help them. If the people I did the work for had the final say I would not be worried about my annual review. Unfortunately, my management regards a lot of these as "distractions". They are rather vague about how people are supposed to get their work done without my help. I think I am making progress on their pet projects.

Spent some time today on colgaffneyis business. I exchanged several e-mails with the President (I am on the Board) about an unfinished piece of business from last summer. We appear to have very similar ideas about what went wrong then, and how to clear it up now.

More cutting back: mia_mcdavid has urged that I skip a party tomorrow night, and a colgaffneyis event Saturday afternoon. She is SWMBO, and I need to have some time at home. I will go to another party on Saturday night, and the Gaeltacht Minnesota fundraiser on Sunday.