January 28th, 2007

Guinness Dark Side

Saturday night and Sunday

I got away from work yesterday just in time to go home so I could join the rest of the family for a music party. This was a good time. Several of the other guests were Carleton graduates, although I was (by a wide margin) the Dean of the group.

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After that I went to the fundraiser for Gaeltacht Minnesota, at an Irish Bar (where else?) in St. Paul. In a reversal of Friday night, Mia stayed home and I went alone. There was a good band, and a performance by one of the local Irish dance schools. Watching Irish dancing is a little different in a bar: You can feel the wooden floor vibrate to the footwork.

I had a nice talk with haddayr, and I got to meet her husband and their children. I also talked to one of the other students in my class--very much the best in our group. He (much younger guy) is applying to grad school in linguistics. Knowing that I feel a little better about not being able to keep up with him.

As at many such events, there was a raffle for various door prizes. In the very last round of ticket drawing I won a really fine Irish sweater. I think this was the grand prize, and in strictly economic terms alone I came out ahead for the afternoon, even figuring in three pints of Guinness. But that does not matter. It was a really good time with friends who have a common interest, with fine entertainment.