February 26th, 2007


Not quite snowbound

mia_mcdavid and I were able to shovel out enough of the driveway yesterday morning to get our (smallish) cars out. Our local streets had already been plowed, so we could get around somewhat. We followed what has become our usual Sunday pattern: Pick up Tom at his group home, take him to church with us, then to our house for lunch. After that we relaxed at our place for a while, then took him home.

This worked OK, but the side streets around Tom's home in Minneapolis had not been nearly as well plowed as those in Roseville, which added considerably to the driving stress there. After taking Tom back I needed a nap.

Mia went out to visit some friends in St. Paul. The side streets there were no better than those in Minneapolis. She made a very nice curried chicken dish for dinner, but we were both quite tired and were asleep before 10. Summary: We coped, but it was hard work.


Looked at our main checking account this morning. The balance was $2,629.57. Sounds good? If you subtract out uncleared checks (what banks call "float") and direct payments that I know will be coming out of the account shortly, the real figure is $9.90. I keep this information in a spreadsheet. As long as I keep up with data entry, I can get depressing reports about our finances with great speed and accuracy.