March 6th, 2007

Guinness Dark Side

A Small Connection

In Irish you don't count people in the same way you count things. In particular, "two" as in "two people" is beirt rather than or dhá. This came up in class last night, and for some reason it stuck in my mind.

On my way home from work I remembered that long (35+ years) ago at Carleton I had learned an Irish dance called Siamsa Beirte, which we were told translates roughly as "play for two". A quick check in an Irish dictionary this evening showed that siamsa means "amusement". Close enough.

So now I understand the name of the dance and the tune better than I did way back then. It has taken a while :-)> Still, I am pleased that I could make the association.

I have forgotten the dance--I don't think I ever did it after graduation in 1972. However, I clearly remember that it was fun. I would like to learn it again.