March 28th, 2007


Some Cleanup

I cleaned out (somewhat) my briefcase last night. I had been carrying around way too much stuff, so much that I dared not open it on the bus. Long, long ago, in a metro far away, I counted on public transit as an opportunity for reading and study. I had lost that. So I took out most of the accumulated notes from a year of Irish classes, and pared those down to what I actually had been using--there is something of an 80/20 rule here. One pocket Irish dictionary and the smallest of my Irish grammar books should suffice for study while commuting. One other book, if I want to read something else.

After that I cleared some space on my desk downstairs. It can hardly be called "clean", but I have plenty of space on it now. It was my father's desk, and it is certainly cleaner than I ever remember it being in his life.