March 31st, 2007


Tartan Day

colgaffneyis joined other local Scottish-American organizations for the local observance of Tartan Day. The weather was wet, cold, and dreary, so most of the ceremonies were inside at the State Capitol Building, which was somewhat limiting--no bagpipes, and no musket salute, the latter being one of our particular contributions to the event. However, afterwards we went outside and did get to fire two volleys. This was against my advice, when asked, I said I could not see the point of bringing the muskets. However, this was not my call and I am glad others thought otherwise. Despite the rain I think all of us musketeers were able to get off both shots. I rather enjoyed that; I think I only fired one shot all last season, at the final salute to close (I fear forever) the Big Muddy Rendezvous in Winona. I like making things go "BOOM"; think what you will of me for that.

BTW, the only firearms I have ever used in my life have been colgaffneyis matchlocks, and the first time I ever fired one of those was after my 50th birthday. Perhaps before I die I can advance into the 18th century and fire a replica "Brown Bess" or similar flintlock :-)>

In other colgaffneyis business, I printed, stuffed, stamped, and mailed the dead tree edition of the April newsletter. I was also confronted with an issue of whether to enforce a policy on Clann's e-mail list. I dealt with this by abolishing the policy. I am not going to be an enforcer.