April 9th, 2007


A long day, and it is far from over

My supervisor was waiting for me when I got in at 8 AM, to discuss a follow-up from last week's troubles. I was working on those all morning. At 11:26 AM one of the database servers (the same one we had been discussing) crashed, immediately becoming my priority task. I will have to do some database restores from backup to complete the recovery. Unfortunately, the systems are in use all day and into the evening. I cannot start work until 11 PM. I think I can do everything from home.

Well, if I cannot start until 11 PM, I might as well go to Irish class.

I hate this job

So I get home from Irish Class at 9:20 PM and check my e-mail. I am being reamed out for restoring a database from the wrong time....Well the right time did not exist. The database at that time was gone. That is why we have backups. If they want more up to date backups, they need to pay for more up to date backups. TANSTAAFL.

With that in mind, I went ahead with tonight's tasks. These went as planned (in fact, faster) and my employer's web site was back up quickly. I am feeling a little bit better after the e-mail conversation with the colleague who was doing her part in the night's work: She was cordial and appreciative.

I had my Blackberry at Irish Class and could have checked it there. I am glad I did not. I was not properly prepared and felt like a compleat idiot several times (my mind totally blanked on irregular verbs), but I still came out of it in a good mood. It would have been a shame to let work spoil it.