April 18th, 2007


Living in a cave

I have a confession to make: I never heard of Don Imus until the current fuss started. I normally go through life happily oblivious of large parts of popular culture.

I am aware that this might be a character flaw, and I have a plan to deal with it: I try to watch Jay Leno's monologue on the Tonight Show once a week. It is my Cliff's Notes for mass media stuff.


From a Carleton classmate:
....big news from the Arb! M spotted a short-eared owl twice this week in the arb. This is a fairly big deal – he’s a pretty fair birder & has only seen one once – in Hawaii! He says that they are really ungainly flyers. He said it looked like it was flapping two ironing boards.

It looks like the restoration efforts are paying off – they’re beginning to see the return of new & fairly uncommon animal species.