June 10th, 2007


No good deed goes unpunished

I just spent two hours on my employer's computer, fighting network troubles and antivirus "improvements". Not a good time, and a bad way to finish an otherwise quite good weekend.

mia_mcdavid and I got up a little after 8. After breakfast she did some spinning, while I did some woodworking in the shop. Very satisfying. Afterward we went to church in Minneapolis again. Something had been bothering us there from the service two weeks ago, and I had a chance to ask the Rector about it. Her explanation was entirely satisfactory, or, as Helmuth, Speaker for Boskone, would put it, "complete and conclusive". I don't get that nearly as often as I would like.

Afterwards we visited Tom, taking him for a visit to Como Zoo. By and large this was OK, although we were forcibly reminded of a couple things that do not work well with him. It is a a little frustrating that he did not seem to really notice the animals much, although that may be partly because a lot of them were doing the sensible thing and napping in the middle of the warm day. Perhaps those of us who are getting on in years could notice and appreciate that more than he did.