June 18th, 2007

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Different Monday Night

Gaeltacht Minnesota has gone to its summer schedule, so I have (roughly) alternate Monday nights free. I had planned on going to a class at Woodcraft, for which I had registered by a telephone conversation with wolfsword. However, I got a voicemail this morning that the class had been canceled for lack of students, and that my payment would be refunded.

So I ended up going into Minneapolis with mia_mcdavid for a session of the Speculative Readings Series at Dreamhaven Books, where haddayr read three excellent very short stories and another author read a single longer work, which was very different but also very good. Gaeltacht Minnesota was quite well represented there--All three teachers and several students came to hear haddayr.

Real Sweatshops and Virtual Reality

The Life of the Chinese Gold Farmer.
"Min leaned back and stretched, then set about the tedious business of resurrecting his character, a drawn-out sequence of operations that can put a player out of action for as long as 10 minutes. In farms with daily production quotas, too much time spent dead instead of farming gold can put the worker’s job at risk. And in shops where daily wages are tied to daily harvests, every minute lost to death is money taken from the farmer’s pocket. But there are times when death is more than just an economic setback for a gold farmer, and this was one of them."

Via Slashdot.