August 14th, 2007


The Nature of Fridays

I had wanted to take this Friday as a vacation day (I have over three weeks accrued vacation), to get up to colgaffneyis show in Perham early. However, my supervisor would not allow it--I was needed to provide DBA coverage that day. I had thought of taking Monday off, so I could at least sleep in and recover from the trip. But late this morning he e-mailed me:
"In response to your request for Aug 17th or 20th off.... could you take off Friday Aug 24th ?? Till we get R__ officially back, i believe either you or J__ need to be onsite Monday - Friday... I am out this Friday and there is a lot going on this week..."
After some thought, consultation with mia_mcdavid, and consideration that my important vacation requests for October were still pending, I replied:
"I had not yet posted anything to roll call about Monday, so I can work that day.

However, I have no particular interest in taking the 24th off. Fridays are not an interchangeable commodity in my life."
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