August 26th, 2007


I was tired

We got home from the MN Ren Faire about 4:30 yesterday afternoon and went to bed--we both needed naps. We got up for dinner, after which mia_mcdavid went out to join some friends at a concert in a western suburb. I could not face that, and returned to bed at 8:30. All told I slept for about 14 hours.


We went back to St. Mary's Episcopal Church today. The Rector was out, but that was really OK--We got to see how the parish worked without her. Answer: Just fine. That is the way it should be. LeeAnne is a brilliant preacher and obviously well-loved in the parish, but the church needs to be able to get along when she is elsewhere.

After we got home mia_mcdavid took a nap, while I worked on some of colgaffneyis tent poles--we had several equipment failures at Perham. I did everything I could--the next step is a policy decision by Mia and the Tinker. I also made some progress on cleaning my workbench.