September 3rd, 2007

Glenn Mia 1

Family Emergency

My mother, Virginia Glenn McDavid, is 81 years old. She is in a hospital in Colorado Springs. She recently had gall bladder surgery, but the recovery has been complicated by congestive heart failure, atrial fibrillation, kidney failure, and other issues. She is stable for now, but I need to go out to see her--she has asked me to come. My brother Raven lives in Colorado Springs and been visiting her constantly, sending the rest of us frequent e-mail reports. My sister Ann has come in from Denver, and my other brother Tom will be arriving from Seattle.

Raven and his wife Anne (yes, Ann and Anne) say Mom is not in immediate danger. Otherwise I would be looking for a flight tonight. I talked to her just now. and she is quite lucid and seems to be in reasonably good spirits. It is hard to tell with her; she is a very quiet and private person.
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