September 10th, 2007

Guinness Dark Side

"Seduced by a couple of bottles of Carlings Black Label beer"

....How my father got started in the study of American dialects, from his 1979 autobiographical statement, "Linguistics through the Kitchen Door", in First Person Singular: Papers from the Conference on an Oral Archive for the History of American Linguistics (First paper after the introduction).

The paper begins:
From my point of view, the plan for an informal history of linguistics is the brain child of Bill Austin, begot in the informal gourmet club composed of himself, Bill Card, Virginia [McDavid] and me. At irregular intervals during his years at IIT we would meet for a distinguished meal, and the conversation regularly turned to our experiences as linguists, and with other linguists.
I remember this "gourmet club" well, and was privileged to attend some of its sessions, where I learned a lot about both linguistics and food.

BTW, I have no idea why the proofreading of First Person Singular is so bad.