December 13th, 2007


Monday night Irish Class, December 10, 2007

Irish Class, December 10, 2007

First notes toward a scéal which I did not present this week, but might sometime.

Tá strus mór orm ag obair. Tá agam bainisteoir olc.

We looked at some Christmas carols from Carúil na Nollag - Irish Christmas Carols. Given the Irish, we tried to translate them. The standard English versions are included here, which do not necessarily match a translation from the Irish.

Also, I do not entirely trust this site--A couple checks in Foclóir Póca found some fadas were missing.

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For the second hour we gathered for an all-class session. The instructors had a meeting while a couple of Will's students ran the class. The first activity was to practise singing Oíche Chiúin - Silent Night. The text here is from Gaeltacht Minnesota, not the version at the site referenced above.

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A Busy Morning

I have color-coded the in-box on my e-mail system (Lotus Notes) here at work. A yellow background indicates a message from a fellow sufferer DBA. A red background means a message from my supervisor or my manager. This gives me a quick assessment of the threat level urgency of what is waiting for me there.

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The red messages are all from my manager.