July 14th, 2018


Monday night Irish Class, July 9, 2018

Rang Gaeilge, 9ú lá Mí na Iúil 2017


You have a hiccup from a sandwich you did not eat.
Thigcamevar p of tar
Thig sé gan iarraidh mar a thig an do-aimsir."He came/comes without asking, like bad weather came/comes."
Literally this is in the past tense, but can be used as present
Tá snag an cheapire nár ith tú ort. "your meddling has created a problem that really wasn't there before you created it."
sop in áit na scuaibea wisp in place of a broom"a token effort"
idir chraiceann agus chnámhaboth skin and boes "warts and all."
idir ="both" since both nouns are lenited

Na Déithe Luachmhara Deiridh

le Padraic Breathnach

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