Glenn McDavid (gmcdavid) wrote,
Glenn McDavid

Cell Phones, Blackberries, Laptops, etc. in the Classroom

From New Class(room) War: Teacher vs. Technology:
Halfway through the semester in his market research course at Roanoke College last fall, only moments after announcing a policy of zero tolerance for cellphone use in the classroom, Prof. Ali Nazemi heard a telltale ring. Then he spotted a young man named Neil Noland fumbling with his phone, trying to turn it off before being caught.

“Neil, can I see that phone?” Professor Nazemi said, more in a command than a question. The student surrendered it. Professor Nazemi opened his briefcase, produced a hammer and proceeded to smash the offending device. Throughout the classroom, student faces went ashen.
Later in the same article:
At age 55, Professor Nazemi stands on the far shore of a new sort of generational divide between teacher and student. This one separates those who want to use technology to grow smarter from those who want to use it to get dumber.
or according to my old friend Sr. Edith Bogue, who teaches at the College of St. Scholastica:
When I'm explaining a complex concept, I often see a sea of faces that say, "Change the channel."
Tags: blackberry, cell phones, computers, media, technology
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