Glenn McDavid (gmcdavid) wrote,
Glenn McDavid

And while everything else is going on....

....I am trying to get the hardcopy of colgaffneyis January newsletter ready. We have an event on January 1, so the time pressure is serious. I got it edited and printed today--passing it between two Windows systems and one running Linux, and got the envelopes addressed while Tom was watching TV. I still have to get it duplicated--I think Kinko's will be open tomorrow. If so, I can stuff the envelopes tomorrow night, and take them to the Post Office the morning after.

I am tired of this. I have been colgaffneyis Secretary (and Webmaster) for years now. I am currently the Dean of the Board. Other members may have served more, but right now I have been there continuously longer than any other current member. I will serve out my term (one more year), but then someone else must take the job, both for my sake and for that of the organization. It is not good for one person to hold the same position forever.
Tags: clann, computers, linux, tom, windows

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