Glenn McDavid (gmcdavid) wrote,
Glenn McDavid

My weekend here

mia_mcdavid is in Michigan for the weekend and the first couple days of next week. Her aunt died after a long struggle with Alzheimer's. She has posted about it, most recently here.

I cleaned off my workbench this morning, and am trying to make some progress on at least some of my unfinished projects. These include
  1. Finishing the repairs on the sandwich-board flyer display for colgaffneyis
  2. Painting a step-stool that I built months ago
  3. Rebuilding my pole lathe.
  4. Refinishing my wooden shoes for the upcoming camping season with colgaffneyis. Also making a sheepskin liner for them.
  5. Sewing up the pair of cadadh (sewn, not knitted) kilt hose that is pinned up and sitting on a dresser in the bedroom.
  6. Make a kilt from the Ulster tartan plaid that mia_mcdavid wove for me.
  7. Bottling the beer that has been sitting for several weeks in a carboy downstairs
  8. Updating my notes on Gaeilgeoirí, the play that we are reading in Irish class.
  9. Finishing the basket from last weekend's basket making workshop.
  10. Taxes.
  11. Configuration changes on the household Linux computers
  12. Repairing the basket of my mortuary hilt sword
  13. Working on the next newsletter for colgaffneyis
  14. Reading--I am in the middle of three books right now.
I have probably forgotten, or repressed, some others.

Tomorrow I will go to Church in the morning, get there early for choir rehearsal. It will be Palm Sunday and there will be a lot going on. It occurred last week that joining the choir in the middle of Lent may not have been good timing. We have been working hard on music for Holy Week, the busiest time in the Church Year. However, it is certainly interesting.

After church I am going to the Day of Irish dance in downtown St. Paul, where I will be working at the Gaeltacht Minnesota table.
Tags: brewing, church, clann, computers, family, irish, leatherwork, linux, mia, music, sewing, taxes, woodwork

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