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Monday Night Irish Class: Plurals
ireland glinsk family castle
Monday's class (more on that later) reminded me that I had not integrated my notes on plurals from class with the handout that Nick gave us afterwards. I worked on that this evening, and here is the result.

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I'm just tuning in, so clarify something for me: Is Gaelic generally being called Irish these days? I have a book somewhere on learning Gaelic, but it's at least 20 years old, and probably older.

Yes. Currently I see "Irish" much more often than "Gaelic" in an Irish context. This is partly for domestic Irish political reasons. Another reason is that outside of Ireland "Gaelic" is ambiguous: Scottish Gaelic and Manx Gaelic have equal claims to the label. The languages, while closely related, are now quite distinct. Sort of like Spanish and Italian.

Windows Tech Journal & Gaeilge in the same thread?!

Wow, my past meets my future!

Is this the Jeff Duntemann that edited/owned Windows Tech Journal?!

I moved to Minnesota in 1993 after switching my career to computer programming and getting my first publication ("DDE Director" or something like that) in a programming journal (Windows Tech Journal). Jeff was editor.

And, 15 years later, here's Jeff asking a question about Irish language to a fellow student in my Monday evening class!!!! Small world.

Lou Miranda

Re: Windows Tech Journal & Gaeilge in the same thread?!

Oops. My bad. I got the magazines confused. I went to Jeff's site and realized he was editor of another magazine that I read religiously. (Hey--it was 15 years ago. My brain cells are rusty!)

In any case, Jeff, your writing was always an inspiration to me.

Re: Windows Tech Journal & Gaeilge in the same thread?!

It's me...with a couple of reservations. I was not involved in Windows Tech Journal, though I read it pretty regularly while it was published. That was J. D. Hildebrand, with whom I was sometimes confused, though he was the one with the hair and I was the one without.

My magazines were Turbo Technix (which I did as an employee for Borland in 87-88), PC Techniques, which I founded and owned, and was published from 1990-1996, and Visual Developer Magazine, which was a rename and a redesign/retarget of PC Techniques, and ran from 1996-2000. I spent two years at Ziff-Davis' PC Tech Journal in 1985-86, and learned how the magazine business works generally.

Your name is familiar, so it's possible that you published some material in PC Techniques or PC Tech Journal, with me on the edit side. Windows-specific items would more likely have appeared in Visual Developer.

As for Irish, my paternal grandmother was a Prendergast from County Mayo, and she taught me a couple of phrases in what she called Gaelic, and when I was in the thick of my genealogy research 15-20 years ago I bought a couple of books to get a sense for the language. One problem I had is that I never saw the words in print, so I had no idea how they were spelled. "Slahncha," well, it wasn't until I read the books that I got the spelling right. Slainte! On the other hand, some words like "omathaun" spell pretty much how she said them. Much of the rest has gone fatally fuzzy in my memory, as she died in 1965, when I was 12.

However it works out, it's very good to meet you.

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