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Convergence -- Saturday night and Sunday
We skipped the masquerade. Con masquerades, in our recent experience, involve a lot of waiting, crowded and overheated seating, and overly staged performances. Besides, the excellent concert by 3 Pints Gone ran over.

So we went to dinner, then up to our room. mia_mcdavid dressed for the evening. My efforts that way were limited to putting on a good shirt and different pair of pants. We went back downstairs, and, after hanging out for a while, went to the cabaret. The first couple acts were bad, and we left. But we came back in time to see hedgiewan give an entertaining demonstration of preparing a 7 layer pousse-café, and then lighting it (the top 2 or 3 layers were over 100 Proof).

We then watched the art auction for a while. Convergence now hold the auction Saturday night, with a lot of banter and jokes. This was what we were used to from Chicagoland. It makes for a much livelier time than having it on Sunday. With tongues and wallets loosened by alcohol it is much more fun to watch. Also, the bidding goes higher, benefiting the convention and the artists, although perhaps causing more buyer's remorse afterwards.

After the that we went a couple doors down the hall to listen to the filk live acoustic music, then ended the evening, or by the this time early morning, by enjoying again the hospitality of c_nocturnum and vitamin_g_prime. Quite a few of our other friends from colgaffneyis were also present, including mairi2, basil80, and tmancer.

We slept until 9:30 this morning. wolfsword and godesssif joined us for breakfast. We then packed up our luggage, took it to the car, and checked out of the hotel.

We came back in for a last visit to the Dealers' Room. I bought a couple books from Phil Kaveny, who has a very interesting and somewhat offbeat selection. I have been a customer of his at cons for well over a decade. Since it was Sunday and he did not want to haul books back to Eau Claire, I was able to get a substantial discount.

I also looked at a couple of the new offerings from Stillwater Kilts, but they did not have them at the con in my size. This saved my bank account from any further damage and we then said our good-byes and drove home.


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