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Irish workshop--Saturday night and Sunday
Guinness Dark Side
We had one more exercise after dinner. The advanced class split into 5 groups, each doing a dialogue as Gaeigle in a different room. The rest of us went from room to room, trying to figure our what they were talking about. Those of us in the intermediate class had considerably fewer hints than the beginners. This was worked well, and it was fun watching the advanced students ham it up in Irish.

After that came the Saturday night party. My homebrew was again very well received, and I found myself involved in detailed conversations about the technology of brewing.

I then got drawn into a parlor game in Irish with students who were mostly in the advanced class. Parlor game are really not my thing, but I could not resist. I was asked to "draw" for JS, who has cerebral palsy and uses a motorized wheel chair with a speech synthesizer (Think Stephen Hawking--and JS is quite smart herself). I could not say no, and in fact I thought this meant draw cards from a deck. No, they actually meant draw pictures. Too late--I was committed. In fact, I did OK. Our team lost, but we did not disgrace ourselves, and I did my part for the side and had a good time.

After the game I got involved in something I rarely find: A calm, rational, and relaxed discussion about religion with people of varying backgrounds. St. Mary's is, of course, a Catholic school, and our local contact taught music to the seminarians there.

The same local contact brought a very nice single malt scotch, Lagavulin, to the party. I enjoyed a sample of that, but soon afterwards retired to my dorm, before my warm glow became an alcoholic haze :-)>

We had one final class session Sunday morning, in which we were given a bad Irish translation of an English text. Our task was to find and correct the errors, using what we had learned on Saturday. There were plently, so everybody got some gratification from it.

The workshop ended with a nice lunch, after which I drove home. I forsook the scenic route along the Mississippi, instead taking Highway 14 to Rochester, and from there Highway 52 to St. Paul. A lot of corn fields, but much faster.

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Sitting here smiling because you had a good time, even while playing a parlor game!

OMG, look at the TIME!!!

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