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Must see TV
Bad Astronomy quoted a Discovery channel press release:
Wednesday, August 27 at 9PM – The MYTHBUSTERS take on one of their biggest, most controversial myths ever: Could the July 1969 moon landing have been an elaborate hoax? First, Adam and Jamie focus on photos, testing the theory that two of NASA’s most famous images were shot in a studio. Then, they investigate the myth that to get the classic "low lunar gravity look" the government shot the footage in a studio and then simply slowed it down. And Grant, Tory and Kari take on the claims that the footage of footprints and flags flapping in zero gravity had to be faked.
I checked our household calendar: No conflicts, although we could always tape it if something were scheduled.

I wonder when they will take on the 9/11 conspiracy nuts theorists.

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it was popular sci or popualar mech that took on the 9/11 truthers and disproved _ALL_ of their points
but the mythbuster would be the iceing on the cake for this.

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