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I got an e-mail today asking me to volunteer to help Gaeltacht Minnesota at the Minnesota Renaissance Festival the weekend of Sept. 6-7. Unfortunately, I had already agreed to be at a colgaffneyis event on Sunday, the 7th, and I am reluctant to commit my entire weekend. I may volunteer for the Saturday if GM is short of people that day.

Still, I am tempted by the thought of completely abandoning colgaffneyis that weekend. The Pseudohistorian will be part of that organization's group that Sunday, and after our recent history I am reluctant to be anywhere around him. I do not want a fight. But if I let him drive me from colgaffneyis then he has won. If you run into me in the following week and I am even quieter than usual it will because I have been biting my tongue too much.

And in fairness, Gaeltacht Minnesota also has a difficult character. But the leadership there is willing and able to contain him.
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Come and quietly document the errors perpetrated in public? Any assemblage of people will contain conflicting personalities; if we take that as given and instead frame the issue as "CT, in the person of DV, is going repeatedly on record presenting as facts X, Y, and Z, which are now known to be inaccurate (or which are not known to be accurate)", I think we'll have a better chance of resolving it.

And come enjoy dancing, if you will.

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