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What happens when you miss a meeting?...
Carleton 3 Oaks S
....You get assigned a job!

As I wrote, last weekend was very busy. My problem was that I could not be in two places at once. In fact, there was a third place I should have been. Some of my Carleton classmates had gathered at the college for an alumni planning meeting. The college is setting up a social networking site, "Carltown", which looks a lot like Facebook. Guess who got chosen to manage the class of 1972 piece.

Actually I don't really mind. I have been feeling I should do more for the College and my class and I am pretty good at this of thing. So I accepted the job. I still don't really know what I am supposed to do but I should be able to figure it out. Besides, this will give me a chance to learn how these social networking sites actually work.

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Lucky you! I hope Carltown is more like a blog than Facebook - which I had to join in self-defense after hearing from a (good and loyal) student that (unpleasant and immature) students were saying untrue things about that would, if made public, invite an investigation by our bishop. Peace, Sister Edith

What software are they using to run it?

Inquiring minds...

According to wordswoman, Carleton's Director of Web Communications and Development:
The underlying software is an open-source tool social networking tool called Elgg, which was developed at a university in the UK. Less known here, but it seemed well suited to being integrated with Carleton's systems. A big point in its favor, from our point of view, was that it allows you to feed in outside blogs, photostreams, etc.--so that alumni who are already doing that stuff online don't have to recreate it to participate in CarlTown.

Looks interesting, especially in light of some of the stuff I'm thinking about. The idea of feeding a personal blog into multiple public ones is appealing. Same for websites.

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