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The State Fair
mia_mcdavid was weaving this morning as a demo for the Minnesota Weavers Guild exhibit at the Minnesota State Fair. I followed along somewhat later.

Parking near the State Fair is possible--at a price. Mia parked at a lot miles away and took a free shuttle bus. I was feeling behind on my exercise and rode my bicycle. That kind of parking was free even on the actual Fair Grounds.

The Fair is a vast, crowded, hot, humid gathering. Arteriosclerotic food is everywhere. Like so much of modern life, it exemplifies Sturgeon's Revelation (Yes, I have known about it from at least 1968, and hence still prefer the older term). For these reasons I have never been a fan of the Fair.

However, my attitude about this, and other things, has mellowed over the years. The State Fair is so big that even the 10% that is not crud is might be worth a look. I found a few interesting tools there, some of which I bought. After Mia got off her weaving shift we walked about for a while. We tasted a couple pleasant Minnesota wines. I feel a little bit guilty about this; the idea of a Minnesota winery seems like profiteering from global warming. However, they actually were good. As one of Poul Anderson's characters put it, "if you are born into an age of decadence, you might as well enjoy it."

We passed up most of standard State Fair fare and did our serious eating in the International Court. Spring rolls, felafel, dolmades, Jamaican beef pie--all healthier, tastier, and cheaper. Afterwards we parted, to seek our separate wheels home. Just outside of the Fair Grounds (and hence quite unofficially) a family had set up a stand and were selling bottled water. They saw me approaching on my bicycle and one of them said "You look like you really need some water." They were right. I bought a bottle. It was a hot, muggy day, and the ride home from the Fair Grounds is, all in all, uphill.

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The only part of the fair I enjoy involves looking at animals that make Jan allergic.

We've skipped it every year since we've had kids.

Your fair experience sounds pretty nice, though.

I opted for a single scoop of the Chocolate Raspberry wine ice cream instead of wine sampling. It was pretty good. I bought the olives-on-a-stick at the international bazaar. One of my favorite fair treats.

What disappointed me was that we couldn't find the DFL booth, and when we finally did, they were all out of Obama buttons. So I ordered my button from and will wait for that one. However, I did get a button with a likeness of Gustavus Adolphus from his namesake college.

I could not spend too much time in the animal barns this year, though. Lots of irritants in there.

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