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Weekend plans
mia_mcdavid is in Mankato for colgaffneyis "Muster" tonight. I will be following her tomorrow afternoon. The reason for the delay is that our church is having "choir camp" tomorrow. For me it will actually be choir boot camp. Actually, the idea is much the same as muster--get the members together for an internal training event. I feel a little strange starting this at age 57, but it does not seem like I am disgracing myself or the choir. After all, the Mythbusters demonstrated that you can teach an old dog new tricks.

Anyway, after church I will be driving southwest to Mankato. I had thought about skipping the event entirely, but I am scheduled to be one of the teachers. As I wrote last night I am to teach about the actual history of the period, and, immodest that it may sound, I know I am the best qualified member to do so. There are people out there vastly better qualified than I am--but they are not members of colgaffneyis. Last night I mentioned about the bibliography I prepared. Today I prepared an outline of what I will be talking about. It is the Cliff's notes (that is the term I remember--what is the modern equivalent?) for this particular piece of 17th century European history. I have tried to condense things to a few key points that I want our members to remember. Hence the sound-bite style.

This may get me into trouble. In a group at that re-enacts a military unit I have linked to anti-war art. But...
  1. I came of age in the Viet Nam era.
  2. It is period anti-war art.
(Actually, I expect Obama to carry colgaffneyis voters by at least a 90/10 margin in November. But some of them are very naïve about what the past was really like).

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I like the outline version
Makes a lot of sense and hopefully easy to remember

As for Obama carrying the vote by the regiment, is that 90 NON-McCain/10 McCain margin?

Glad you like the format. The Obama/McCain reference should not be taken too seriously.

I'm filing your outline with my [info]colgaffneyis stuff. Didn't you show the anti-war stuff last time you did your lecture at Muster?

I try to be as informed as possible. I don't think I'm naive about the past, with my background in history, but I am rather naive about who to trust with information sometimes. This is a recent light-bulb and a lesson learned with some disappointment (in myself and in others) but that will make me a better living historian and a better (ex-?)historian in general.

There's a lot more I can say, but apparently lj-cuts do not work in commentary. Suffice it to say my naivete about history was greatly broken when I went to university the first time, and continues to be broken even now that I am no longer immersing myself in history 24/7/365. The most recent one was finding out the 95 Theses were never really posted to the church door, that it was a euphemism used by Erasmus (I think...or was it Melanchthon?) to indicate the impact of Luther's list of grievances. That blew my mind away. However, it just solidified in my mind that one must always "read between the lines" in history.

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