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Coping with Clann business
I have had a bad cold for nearly a week now. I stayed home from work sick for Tuesday afternoon and all of Wednesday. I have been able to go about most of my normal business since then, but the symptoms are still there. Not pleasant.

I noticed this morning that I had not posted anything about colgaffneyis in over two weeks. I did get the hard copy version of the newsletter edited, printed, and mailed on Thursday. It includes an article I wrote on the actual history of our period, based on what I presented at muster a couple weeks ago. I included lots of references in the small hope that some other members will be interested in learning more. On a related note, I made some updates to my own historical references index page.

mia_mcdavid and I went down to Albert Lea yesterday to set up Clann's camp for Big Island this coming weekend. We a good crew and the work went well. It felt a little odd, since I will not be at the event this year. We have a friend coming in from out of town for a convention over the weekend and we want to see him. Mia will be going down to Big Island, but only for the school days (Thursday and Friday). I expect colgaffneyis will manage without us. Big Island and the Farmington Scottish Fair always bring out a crowd, many of who are rarely seen during the rest of the year. It is sort of like church at Christmas and Easter.
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I like that description - it's so perfect! And I loved your article - I haven't had time to pursue the links, but I thought about printing it and bringing a hard copy to refresh myself.

Maybe you need some of Auntie Mairi's Patented Cough Syrup - it may moy cure you, but it does make you feel better!

Enjoy Saturday evening - we had a great time last year - and feel better soon!

I liked the article

I need to do more research on smithing of the period
I can't get to your research since for some reason comcast is blocked from work

On a good side note I found out I can carry over time from this year to next year so I won't miss any events

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