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A good decision
plane, old tools, woodwork, galoot
A couple days ago mia_mcdavid suggested that we skip colgaffneyis show in Mankato this weekend. I agreed. As she wrote, we have been both busy and sick lately. While parts were really fun, last weekend overall was very hard for me. So here we are in Roseville. I had scheduled two vacation days for Mankato and decided to use them anyway, just to relax, recover, and putter here. We slept in until 9 AM this morning. Down in Mankato it was show time--the first busloads of school kids would be arriving in camp at that time, but colgaffneyis has enough people on site to handle them.

So I have done a little woodwork this morning--adding some finishing touches to a stool I made from scrap wood this weekend. I rounded the legs with a spokeshave, so their origin in an ordinary Home Depot 2x2 is less obvious. The seat was made from an old and weathered 2x8. I have forgotten where it came from. The legs were tapered at one end to fit through 1 1/4" holes in the seat. I drilled the holes with a bit brace. The legs are splayed out to achieve better balance. This is something I have been wanting to practice--working with non-90o angles. It is simple for Norm Abrams, but the old-timers did it by hand. The result is OK. The angles do not perfectly match, but the stool is stable enough to sit on, and that is what counts.

I also put away some of our reenactment gear--swords, dirks, my half-pike, and one of the targes. The other is around here somewhere; it did come home from White Bear Lake.

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yay! I'm so glad you two are giving yourselves this time.

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