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plane, old tools, woodwork, galoot
I went to church early, and for the first time in several weeks was able to sing in the choir—this cold/sinus infection has been rough. A good service, we were celebrating our Rector's 10th anniversary with the parish. It felt really good to be singing in the choir again. I had not realized how much I missed it.

After church I got the hard copy edition of colgaffneyis newsletter printed and mailed. When I got home I found mia_mcdavid on the phone. After listening for a few seconds I realized that the lead ("front page") article was already dated—there was important new news. Too bad; when you have a publication you have deadlines.

In the late afternoon haddayr came over to talk fiber with mia_mcdavid. I went out to my shop, scene of yesterday's disaster. I cleaned up the mess, sorted and rearranged my tools for demos with colgaffneyis and then worked some more on drilling jigs, which is what caused yesterday's troubles. One thing I found out is that you can use a hole saw with a bit brace, or (better, but the weight is tiring) a breast drill. Either way, cutting through a 2x8 is a good workout.


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