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Computer-Intensive Weekend
A major computer system at the County is going into production this weekend. As a DBA on this project, this means I have a lot to do. I monitored some database loads last night. Today I had one big assigned task: Configuring database replication. This had a couple glitches, but turned out OK in then. My unassigned tasks also went well, but there were quite a few of them. A bunch of stuff simply had not been anticipated. However, on something like this I know I have to expect the unexpected, and had planned to be close to home (i.e. computer access) most of the day. While I was out one of the other DBA's was covering things. B and K are smart and energetic, and experienced DBA's. However they are relatively new to SQL Server. I have a decade of experience with it and have dealt with a lot of gotcha's. So I had a busy afternoon dealing with special requests from the Developer. I was expecting this to continue into the evening, but I have not heard back since I responded to his last e-mail at 6:05. There will be more to do tomorrow, but my planned tasks, at least, will not be under such time pressure.

Since I have had to stay close to a computer for my job, I have been using the down time to work on my home environment. I installed USB 2.0 cards on two of my old computers and a second hard drive on one of them. I also decided it was time for a change in my Linux environment. I am rebuilding Antrim, one of the three PIII systems in the house, to use Xubuntu rather than Slackware. Slackware has worked well for me for years, but it is now a rather small and marginal product. It is also very much a one-man show. If something happens to Patrick Volkerding, that is probably the end.

Since I am installing on a PIII system, I am using Xubuntu, which uses Xfce for the desktop rather than Gnome (Ubuntu) or KDE (Kubuntu). I downloaded an ISO and burned a CD from it. So far the installation has failed twice without a clear error msg. There may be a problem with my CD. I will download another image and burn it. However, I am committed now. The Slackware partitions and everything on it has been wiped out.

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I usually use Debian rather than Ubuntu -- the installer usually works better, and it's more familiar to experts (i.e. more like Slackware). Use Lenny (testing), which is close to release and supports a wider range of hardware.

I usually use ctwm for my desktop; the nice thing about Debian is that you don't have to install anything in particular.

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