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"High today: Not very"
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The beginning of today's weather forecast on the radio at 6:50 AM. Specifically, the high is expected to be between -5oF (-21oC) and 0oF (-18oC). Temperature at the time: -9oF (-23oC).

However, my car started this morning. The drive from home to the park-and-ride was uneventful, and I was able to wait there in my car until a bus pulled up. Downtown my bus stop is across the street from an entrance to the skyway. I have been actually exposed to the weather for about 3 minutes, and I was fully dressed for it.

Best of all, when I got downtown I found that the big computer system I had worked on so much over the weekend was up and running smoothly.

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I caved and left my bike at home today, because I plan to go to the dinner tonight straight from work and I was going to mooch a ride home from someone. I figured I had a better chance if I didn't have to say: "And by the way can I heave my disgusting salt-and-slush covered monstrosity in the back seat?"

I was glad when I saw the streets aren't really plowed; I am willing to ride on ice and in a little snow, but piles of loose snow would have maybe been impossible. I'm so annoyed the city is saving money by not plowing.

We can give you a ride home. Mia is really looking forward to seeing you.

That is SO nice of you to offer, but Kyle is giving me a ride home; I'm right on his way and you live in the OPPOSITE DIRECTION for goodness sakes!

I love having friends who offer me rides even when I live in the opposite direction. You guys are awesome. I'm looking forward to seeing you both, too.

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