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We slept in this morning. I try to observe at least the beginning of Saturday as a day of rest.

I went into St. Paul for the quarterly business meeting of the Minnesota Coalition of Scottish Clans, which began at 11 AM. I was there as the representative of colgaffneyis. It is a sign of positive change in America that the President of this organization is an African-American. He seems to be doing well: This was the best (i.e. shortest) meeting of the group I have attended. He accomplished this partly by careful management of the agenda, and partly by not letting anybody get at the potluck lunch until the business meeting was adjourned.

mia_mcdavid, our son J, and I went to Rosedale Mall in the afternoon. No particular shopping agenda, but the mall is a place to walk (this is Minnesota in January). We did two circuits of the entire mall, about 3 miles total.

We then relaxed with some shopping. We split up, each with our own agendas, but all ended up at Borders Bookstore. I bought a copy of Make Magazine, which I had been meaning to do gor a long time. Later this evening Mia and I watched the television show. I see a vast new time sink opening up before me :-)>

mia_mcdavid and I went out to dinner at Little Szechuan. Within seconds of opening the menu I was thinking that it looked like a place Andrew Zimmern would like. In fact, it is. It is the best Chinese food we have found in our 10 years in the Twin Cities, the first local Chinese restaurant we have found to be comparable to the great ones we knew in Chicagoland. We have filled a gastronomical gap.

Make sure you get the "black" menu, not the dumbed down take-out menu on the web site. We had pork (very thin sliced) with mashed garlic as an appetizer, then chili scallops and cumin lamb. All good. Plenty of food: The leftovers will go into my lunches at work next week.

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What did you think of the "Make" show? I had to pick Beth up from work and I only caught part -the bit where the guy made a TV antenna improve his reception. That was kind of neat

I liked the show. It is much more lively than the new Discovery channel shows I have seen. The TV show cannot give enough detail to actually reproduce the projects, but I expect you can find all the details on-line. BTW, the magazine does have all the details for the projects.

My favorite gadget from last night's show was the universal TV off-button: It is programmed with the "off" codes for every known model of television. It would be great for bars, waiting rooms, etc., where they insist on having the TV blaring away even if nobody is watching.

That would be tempting -even better if it would double as a cell phone jammer ;-)

Thanks for the tip on the Chinese restaurant! We've found an okay cheap place (Fresh Wok in Mpls) but nothing that really matches what we were used to on the East Coast. Haddayr and I will have to check Little Szechaun out.

Let's all go! We can order more food!!!!!

422 University Ave. in St. Paul.

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