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Mercury in free fall
I am not referring to the planet, although that is also (and always) true.

I posted before about the temperatures on December 15 and this past Tuesday.
This morning I saw a thermometer reading -22oF/-30oC.

However my car, a '95 Ford Escort, was still able to start. There was a bus waiting at the Park-and-ride, and it stopped downtown across the street from a Skyway entrance. So my total exposure to the weather was probably under 5 minutes.

I just checked the forecast. It may be a full 17oF/9oC warmer when I go home!

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My '95 Escort is also starting fine. BUT - the thermostat apparently froze open yesterday morning, which resulted in a VERY cold drive to work, with me trying to keep a tiny viewhole open in the windshield to see through. The computer adjusts gas to conditions, so I got probably 10 mpg on the drive in.
By the end of the day, it had corrected itself, and the heat/defrost was working fine. Now I'm keeping it in the garage at night. I'm not sure how the Honda will like being outside, but it doesn't do well in the snow anyway.

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