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From Hilbert Space to Dilbert Space

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Premium tools as an investment :-)>
plane, old tools, woodwork, galoot
Attention wolfsword !

From Lie-Nielsen planes.

On the whole, the Lie-Nielsen tools sold [on Ebay] for an average of 16 percent less than the full retail price. If you averaged out all the transactions, the average Lie-Nielsen tool sold for $38 less than the retail price.

So there you have it. My collection of Lie-Nielsens is doing better than my 401(k).

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Ha ha.
Hey the big Lie-Nielsen sale event is going on the 21st (this Sat) at the Woodcraft store that I work at 15% off sale on Lie-Nielsen so if you are using the link as an investment option then you could be up even more.
Or you could buy the Woodcraft planes that we just got in almost as good as the L-N's but cheaper!

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