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Deep in the heart of taxes
I try not to think too much about the IRS, and hope that they do likewise in return. But there is no avoiding the subject.

I installed TurboTax on the Windows side of my dual boot machine in the basement. This was not hard, but the installation program took forever to run. Installing SQL Server 2005 is faster. I was tempted to cancel out and reboot, but I eventually did see some signs of glacial progress. So I left it alone to work while I

  1. Checked my work e-mail
  2. Extracted a few usable parts from an old VCR.
  3. Did the laundry

The installation did finish after nearly an hour and I started to work. Fortunately, the program runs at a reasonable speed once it is installed. I was able to track down all the necessary documents so I was able to get to complete both the Federal and State returns. Did not file them — mia_mcdavid may have made some small charity donations that I don't know about yet.

Still need to do the returns for our son J, and mia_mcdavid will take the paperwork for our son T's trust fund to our accountant. That sort of thing is way out of my league.

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There are many wonderful things about life as a Benedictine sister, but one of the best is not having to deal with the IRS. May it go well for you!

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