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A good Easter
Church was jammed full, but it went OK. After the service mia_mcdavid went home to move dinner along, while I fetched Tom from his group home for dinner with us. As usual, having Tom over meant there was a constant struggle to manage the food riot until dinner was actually on the table, Or, to use a Biblical theme for the day, we had a plague of locusts descend upon us. However, this has become a somewhat ritualistic battle, and we coped. Tbe roast lamb (Mia's concept and execution) was awesome. So were the mushrooms: We had a package of them just sitting in the fridge and I suggested we just put them in the roaster pan to soak up the pan juices and fat. I sliced them to increase the surface area for the process. Mushrooms and animal fat: What can go wrong? Tom loved them!

Dinner was over by 3 PM, Since I had fetched Tom, Mia took him home while I cleaned up. I made an extra effort and also cleaned out the refrigerator. If I could not identify it, and sometimes even if I could, it went into the trash. I had filled a large paper shopping bag by the time it was over.

Afterwards I still had some time for woodwork and metalwork in the shop. I made a lot of progress on a project, including the obligatory blood sacrifice. Well, it fits the weekend theme, and there won't be any lasting scars.


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