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Fiber display stands
plane, old tools, woodwork, galoot
I made these today for mia_mcdavid, for her business.


Apologies for the cluttered background. There is a lot going on in our workroom.

The bases were made from old church pews. Roughly 1x6 in nominal size. Warped, but the price was right :-> The uprights are from Home Despot 2x2's. The arms are Home Despot 1/2" dowels, I drilled holes for them with a brace and a 1/2" bit. When the lead screw on the bit began to poke through on the far side I stopped drilling, so the depth of the hole is about one inch.

The balls on the ends are from our local Michael's. I bought a pack of 18 for $3.00. I split two of them before figuring out how to drill out the 1/2" holes. Good thing I only needed 16 :-> There was a 3/16" hole through them. I enlarged it on one side for the 1/2" dowels. Filling the other side with 3/16" dowels was the obvious answer. Unfortunately, I did not have any such dowels, However, I did have some 1/4" dowels. These I cut into suitable lengths, tapered in a pencil sharpener, then glued in place (With some persuasion from a mallet). After the glue dried I cut away the excess with a fine toothed Japanese hand saw.

The arms are not glued in placed, so they can be pulled out for transport. Similarly, the uprights can be pulled out of the bases.

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Thank you, Sweetheart!!!

Really cute stand

That's a really good stand. Are you doing this professionally?


No way! I am strictly an amateur.

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