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Stocking the organ banks
hourglass nebula, eye
We have a couple old computer monitors waiting to be properly recycled. Since I am finding myself more interested in electronics lately I decided to save any useful components. Following the advice here, I was well aware of the dangers. So I took a screwdriver and made a probe for discharging any lingering high voltage:

The ground wire of the the 3-prong plug is soldered to the screwdriver, When plugged in, e.g. to the outlet over my workbench, the blade of the screwdriver is grounded.

I used the screwdriver, but in fact did not notice any discharge. These monitors had been unplugged for weeks and the charge must have evaporated. So I was able to recover the circuit boards:


There have parts that can be used for Tesla coils, Jacob's ladders, and other fun things.

After extracting the other parts I put the CRT's themselves back in the monitor cases. Unfortunately the bottom of one of the monitors was attached to it circuit board, leaving me with an open CRT on the bottom of the case. I covered that with a piece of termite barf from a broken bookcase from our son Tom's room:

so it will not will not be completely naked when we take it to recycling.


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