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How long can you tread water?
Glenn Mia 1
We had a good night's sleep. For me it was one of the best night's sleep ever at a colgaffneyis event. We were woken by the breakfast bell at 8AM, followed immediately by loud thunderclaps. It has been raining hard ever since.

Fortunately, our site (Jack McGowan's farm) has a lodge house which we are able to use. We have retreated there until the rain stops, or we have to pack and go home anyway. We have some indoor activities to keep us busy. E.g., I gave a brief talk on the Gaelic languages which was well received.

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yeah, but...wet canvas...

No argument. mia_mcdavid offered to dry it here, but LS insisted on taking it off to Baldwin (WI), and drying at her home there. We have another show in that area next weekend.

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