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Friday night
plane, old tools, woodwork, galoot
I stayed late at work then took the train to south Minneapolis for colgaffneyis Night at the Pub. I got to Merlin's Rest early, so I stopped in at the hardware store next door. I found some large old-fashioned (tapered square shank) auger bits there. I bought three, one 1-1/8" and two 1-1/4".

The company at Merlin's Rest was pleasant, but I have had better evenings there. It seemed a lot noisier than usual. My tolerance for crowded loud bars and similar settings, never very high, seems to be declining as I get older.

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Was all those gabbling women.....

I went to see Star Trek with my sweetie and then to dinner - I had a grand time! I'm with you Glenn - too much noise makes for an unhappy night.

Post-birthday letdown, or is it time for us to look for a new venue? Anyway, I raised my glass of James Page Surly to y'all that evening. Big M would have done the same with Kaliber had the Pedal Pushers' Cafe in Lanesboro stocked it. Daithi Sproule was down there as well---his wife was in attendance at the Bluff Country Gathering---so we had a taste of Merlin's Rest South. Hawks of various sorts on the trail and the road, Baltimore Orioles on the Root River Trail.

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